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So you haven't posted anything to the @stopgymnastike twitter in over ten days. I thought that was going to be a source for news? Gave up after a week of doing it I see. Who is the hypocrite now?

Ok, first, you’re insinuating that I called someone else a hypocrite, which I don’t recall doing. Secondly, how does not posting on a twitter make me a hypocrite?

Since you feel like you have the right to judge me, maybe you should know that I’m currently working full time with severe gall stones. It causes me severe pain and nausea pretty much all the goddamn day. A doctor told me they’d undoubtably send me for surgery ASAP, except I don’t have health insurance so it’s considered “elective surgery”. So I have to suffer through the pain and sickness for 2 more months until my health insurance from my new job kicks in. 

My days pretty much look like this-
-Wake up at 5:30
-Work from 7-3
-Come home and take meds so I can sort of continue to function 
-Attempt to eat
-Puke my guts out (or just feel like I’m going to, depending on the day)
-Go to sleep

So yeah, you’re right, @StopGymnastike is not my priority at the moment cause I’m  too busy doubled over in pain. 

I’m so fucking over your bullshit, anon.

"Why Desch over Dowell????"

Everyone is asking - Why did Marta choose Maddie over Brenna? 

Brenna could really only potentially outperform Kyla on Bars, which she only did once this year. No way would Marta get rid of Madison/Ashton’s Bars, Alyssa/Kyla’s Beam, Mykaya’s Vault/Floor or Simone’s overall awesomeness for a (statistically speaking) 1/3 chance of gaining a few tenths on an already strong event. (And a 2/3 of a hot mess of a routine.)

So that means we’re really talking about who should earn the alternate spot. Who would you choose? Let’s assume both Maddie and Brenna hit at Selection Camp.

Which of the following would you choose as an alternate who has to be prepared to compete on all four events:
-A gymnast coming back from injury who’s only hit one routine this summer. She in theory has very high SVs, but because of her injury, hasn’t competed AA since March.
-A gymnast with a solid DTY and SVs in the high 5s across the board. She wouldn’t be your first (or even 3rd) choice on any event and has fallen a few times this season. But, she just placed 5th AA in a major international competition and tends to be fairly consistent in her scoring.

Who makes more sense to fill the alternate role to you?

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Hi! I love what you're doing to stop Gymnastike. I don't know if you've heard of him, but Michael Buckley (@buckhollywood on twitter) is a famous youtuber and is a gymnastics fan. I noticed he is following Gymnastike on twitter. He might not know about the controversy, so I thought it might be helpful if you tweet some info to him, and maybe he could make an announcement to his over 600k followers and maybe Gymnastike would lose even more followers/support. Thanks for everything you're doing!

On it. He and I bonded over Komova’s amazing lines and desperate need for conditioner in 2011. LOL 

Edit- I tweeted him too but I remembered that he at least used to follow me on here. Hey buckhollywood

An open letter to Martin Floreani (Founder & CEO of Flocasts)

Mr. Floreani, 

As I’m sure you know, over the last 2 days, the gymnastics community has been up in arms over an article on Gymnastike.  This article referenced stolen and/or fake pictures of McKayla Maroney nude and semi-nude. At the risk of beating a dead horse, some of your readers’ primary issues with Flocasts’s actions are: 

-The original unedited post linked to the site that contained the nude photos. 

-The photos are dated before Maroney’s 18th birthday, making them child pornography if they were indeed her. 

-The article was posted without the understanding that many of your followers are also minors. No NSFW warning was put on the link. 

-After hundreds and hundreds of disapproving tweets/posts from numerous individuals, including McKayla, the post remains up. 

-Content director Joe Battaglia defended his actions by claiming that Gymnastike was “obligated” to post this. (While major news about the actual sport was completely ignored.) 

The Impact 

Since the boycott began fewer than 48 hours ago:

-Gymnastike’s twitter account has lost 511 followers. These 511 followers  included some of the most influential individuals in the online gymnastics community. 

-The tweet “#BoycottGymnastike” has been tweeted 659 unique times.

-At least 278 people have publicly stated that they are boycotting due to Gymnastike’s poor judgement on this issue. 

-16 people have personally shared with me that they’ve cancelled their Gymnastike Gold subscriptions due to this issue, costing your company between $2,400 and $3,834 in subscription fees over the next year. 

-Numerous elite gymnasts, parents of elites and coaches have publicly acknowledged their belief that the choice to keep this post up is the wrong one. Notable objectors include Simone Biles, Aly Raisman, Victoria Moors, Aimee Boorman & Jennifer Pinches. Do you think that your “journalists” will be allowed in the gyms of those who worry that they or their gymnasts may be exploited?

-USA Gymnastics shared with several concerned fans that they are "disappointed and disgusted with Gymnastike’s decision and lack of good judgment regarding this, and (they) are going to re-evaluate (their) previous decision to grant them access to (their) events."

The Requests

I tweeted earlier today asking followers what it would take for them to ever return to Gymnastike. The vast majority of responses said that it’s too late; the damage has been done. This list is a compilation of responses from the other followers, as well as from others in the online gymnastics community. I don’t claim to speak for everyone but for many of us, we will never view ANY Gymnastike content in the future unless:

1. The article is immediately taken down from the Gymnastike website.  
2. An official apology is made to McKayla Maroney. 
3. A public apology is made to your readers, many of whom are underage. 
4. Current Flocasts Content director, Joe Battaglia is removed from having any control over Gymnastike’s content in the future. 
5. The staff of Gymnastike is permitted to express their own opinions on this matter without fear of retribution. Staff should not be forced to defend the poor judgment of others. 

I urge you for the sake of Gymnastike, your readers, the gymnastics community and most of all McKayla— Mr. Floreani, take down this post. 


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Think we should remind Gymnastike/flocasts about that time the gymternet got an aau meet being run buy a person o. Usag's ineligible list stopped...


But seriously though…For those who weren’t around… A rapist of a teen girl was banned from  USAG but was hosting AAU’s Tennessee State meet. We yelled/tweeted/emailed until AAU unsanctioned the meet. 

So yeah, when you’re putting gymnasts at risk/exploiting their victimization, we’re not gonna stfu until this stops.

And to be clear, at this point it’s not really even “#BoycottGymnastike vs. Gymnastike.” It’s one man (Joe Battaglia) who is fighting with those @ gymnastike who care about the sport. However, I really think that the only way to get this article down is to continue to boycott Gymnastike AT LEAST until an apology is released to McKayla and the article is taken down. If that never happens, I (and I’m sure many others in the movement) don’t plan to EVER click on a gymnastike link again. Do the right thing, Joe. Come on.