How to Help Ferguson…

Spreading the word and calling out injustices is great (and I am not knocking that) but some people including myself were hoping to do something more tangible to help. 

The Jennings and Ferguson-Florrisant School Districts, along with several local independent schools, have both postponed the start to their school year due to the current instability of the Ferguson, MO area. 85% of elementary school students at Ferguson’s Griffith Elementary school receive free/reduced price lunches due to their income. Without school in session, many of these children will go hungry. 

Additionally, a QuikTrip and a Dominos have both been destroyed and numerous other businesses have sustained property damage, ensuring that members of the community (who were most likely only making $8 an hour anyway), will be without jobs or will at least have their hours cut.

Consider donating to the St. Louis Area Food Bank or another local agency the help sustain and rebuild the Ferguson community. 

Other Local Organizations to consider donating to- 
Gateway 180 (Reversing Homelessness and Poverty)
Mission: St. Louis (“Empowering People to change lives and communities”)
North County Community Development Corp (Fighting Poverty)
United Way of Greater St. Louis (Supporting community organizations & assisting with direct services to those affected by the violence)
Youth in Need (Head Start & Street Youth Outreach)