If you’re boycotting Gymnastike, feel free to follow @StopGymnastike on twitter. I know that a lot of people depend on Gymnastike for gymnastics news and I don’t want that to be a barrier for people standing up against Gymnastike’s poor judgement.

@Stopgymnastike will have links to news from other sources so going back to the unethical gymnastike won’t be tempting.


Gymternet Against Humanity: Beta Testing again lol




Now with 76 black cards and 340 white cards (thanks to the amazingness that is bekahthegymfan), Gymternet Against Humanity will be running again. Please keep in mind it’s not finished we’re still adding cards haha! But if you want to play please click here! The password is gymternet

the full set of cards so far can be found here

player limit is max 10 with spectators

you can join halfway through a game so dont mind that! but yeah ok please come and play :)

4 people is not enough

just started feel free to join halfway if you want :)


Catching you up on McKayla, Gymnastike and the gymternet being awesome.

Good Morning! 

So if you weren’t around last night, this is an explanation of last night’s drama. If you were around, feel free to send this link to the 9000 people who will inevitably ask you what the fuck happened. 

On Saturday afternoon a “master list” of celebrities’ nude photos was released on 4chan. Big names like Jennifer Lawrence, Rihanna, Victoria Justice and nearly 100 others, including McKayla Maroney, were on this list. USAG has commented to journalists that Maroney’s pictures are indeed fake, but regardless, the pictures are dated before her 18th birthday. This means that if these pictures weren’t altered, that they would be considered child pornography. 

Around 8 PM last night, Gymnastike posted an article entitled “Maroney Victim of Nude Photo Leak”. Not only did Gymnastike draw attention to this to their readers (many of whom are young girls), but they LINKED to the original, potentially illegal photos. Gymnastike makes no mention that these pictures are fake. (You can read this article, which has been screenshotted to avoid giving Gymnastike ad revenue here.) 

The gymternet stepped up to the plate and called Gymnastike on their shit by tweeting them, their parent company Flocasts and USA Gymnastics. The hashtag #BoycottGymnastike was all over twitter with fans expressing their objections to this posting. After this, Gymnastike deleted the link to the original pictures from their article and deleted the link to their article from twitter. However, even now the article itself remains on Gymnastike’s website. 

Several fans and members of the gymnastics community spoke with USA Gymnastics officials about Gymnastike’s posting. Leslie King, USAG’s Communication director has issued a similar response to at least 2 different individuals. She stated :
Thank you for contacting me. We also are disappointed and disgusted with Gymnastike’s decision and lack of good judgment regarding this, and we are going to re-evaluate our previous decision to grant them access to our events. We share the concerns that you outlined below. Regards, Leslie 
(You can read her correspondence with another fan here)

If you feel like you should do something, here are some things that you can do to show Gymnastike that you are not okay with this. Drops in their numbers will speak to them. 
1. Choose not to read or frequent Gymnastike and instead use the many other sites out there for gymnastics news and features. 
2. Unfollow Gymnastike on Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr. 
3. Unsubscribe from Gymnastike Gold. 
4. Tweet @gymnastike, @flocasts and use the hashtag #BoycottGymnastike to share your feelings on this.
5. Support McKayla by tweeting her or using the #supportmack

Anonymous asked:

How did Gymnastike break USAG rules? I'm it in anyways surprised by it unfortunately

A few years back they were caught planting people in the crowd to film more than USAG permitted them to. I believe that every media outlet is given a limit to how much they can film. Gymnastike broke that agreement and posted people in the stands to film more. 

(Also Steve Rybaki got incredibly angry about a post which basically just shit on every gymnast at 2012 Classics)