Mind blowing fact: Marta Karolyi is only 10 years older than Cathy Rigby who is only 9 years older than Nadia Comaneci who is only 8 years older than Olga Mostepanova who is only 7 years older than Shannon Miller who is only 6 years older than Daiane Dos Santos who is only 5 years older than Chellsie Memmel who is only 4 years older than He Kexin who is only 3 years older than McKayla Maroney who is only 2 years older than Simone Biles who is only 1 year older than Nica Hults. 

Anonymous asked:

Is laney madsen "famous"


No, not really. She comes up every now and then when gym fans get angry at cheer fans calling her a lock for the Olympics. 

If you don’t know who Laney Madsen is read this part: 
She’s an all-star cheerleader who just turned 13, competes for California Allstars and is a fantastic tumbler and flyer. About 18 months-2 years ago, she decided she wanted to be a gymnast so she started training at Gym-Max, home of Kyla Ross & others. Here’s what some of her tumbling looked like over a year ago, her IG & Vine have more recent stuff. (When watching her stuff, keep in mind that she was born in March of 2001. That puts her close in age to Elites like Jordan Chiles, Alyona Shchennikova and Molly Frack. I assume she’s behind on bars and beam significantly, but if what she’s saying is true, she’s keeping up with, or even leading, the pack on vault and floor skill wise.)

If you’re primarily a cheer fan read this part: 
With the videos I’ve seen Laney could put together a competitive floor routine against elite kids her age. But gymnastics is WAY more than floor. Even as a phenomenal cheerleader, for her to start so late into gymnastics, bars and beam are most likely always going to be hard for her. She’s training at the same gym as Kyla Ross & where McKayla Maroney started so that’s good, but to my knowledge, she hasn’t competed at all as a gymnast yet. Time will tell how well she will do. Also, let’s also clarify something real quick. Laney is NOT an elite gymnast. You have to go to a competition and receive two different qualifying scores to become an elite. There are an average of about 60-80 Elites in the US at any given time and Laney is not one of them to my knowledge. Laney is great, but until she competes and qualifies, please stop calling her an elite gymnast.

If you’re primarily a gymnastics fan read this part:
If you’re one of the people doing this, please stop with the Laney hate. Yes, it’s annoying as fuck to listen to people call anyone, much less a 13 year old cheerleader a “lock” for 2020, cause she’s not. But don’t assume that she has zero chance before actually watching stuff. Because frankly, sista can tumble. You can see her Double Arabian and a Full In on a Tumble Trak. Plus she’s tweeted that she got a 1.5 through to triple & a piked Dos Santos (the IG vid links are now dead) as well as a Double Twisting Yurchenko. She also apparently met with Miss Val recently and Howie and Jenny @ Gym Max are training her. Now I’ve only seen her tumble so maybe she’s 100% awful on the other events, but if elite coaches are down to give her a chance, why aren’t you? Now this girl may never see any kind of gymnastics competition, but completely dismissing someone whose gymnastics you’ve never seen is kind of  ignorant. 

LOL wow, I had a lot to say about that. Sorry for the rambling. 

Anonymous asked:

How did you decide who would make it into your Gymternet post?

Unfortunately Tumblr doesn’t have the option of “please let me easily download the pictures of everyone who reblogged this post” so it was a multistep process in order to get all of the pictures downloaded, cropped and sorted. With as many people as reblogged the post and as much time as it took to get everything together, some people just ended up falling through the cracks. If you’re not in the collage, the most likely reason is because I legitimately just missed your picture in one of the steps of putting the collage together. I’m human; shit happens. I have done my best to personally apologize to the people who have noticed and mentioned that they are missing and I believe I’ve done so. (Except the person with no ask box.)

The only reasons that people’s pictures were straight up deleted were: 
-You were using an anon face or a default tumblr photo as your avatar
-At least 2 other people had an avatar very similar to yours. For example, like 8 people have versions of this pic as their avatar, so I only included 2 or 3 to not  be incredibly redundant. 

I’m glad that everyone’s liked the collage and I appreciate you understanding. :)

ETA: I forgot the most popular reason that people were left out! A lot of people reblogged AFTER I had downloaded all of the pictures and while I came back a couple of times and grabbed more, I eventually had to set a limit or the collage would have never gotten done.