Anonymous asked:

I wouldn't call Chow having his gymnasts sign 2-yr contracts as "shady." Sounds more like a "misunderstanding of USAG rules or not reading it." And I don't think the reason Gabby&Mom left was b/c of that. Why is Rachel, Norah, Alexis, and Victoria and their parents still there instead of at Triad, one neighborhood down, along with their five friends&families? Even if 2-yr contracts were legal, why not sign it? Gabby&Mom planning to dick Chow again, use him, and then bail come Rio? Make no sense.

mybffnastiaaa answered:

I mean, the way he went about it was ‘shady’ apparently, and also illegal. There’s no way he didn’t know the rules, and even if he didn’t know the legal components, USAG has seminars and things like that for coaches all the time. I get the intention behind it because he’s been screwed before but no matter how you look at it, he shouldn’t have done it. Also, I know for a fact that’s why Gabby left. Or why her mom pulled her out, I should say. The info has been corroborated with several people intimately involved in the situation. Her mom was being kind of a diva about a lot of things but ultimately the reason they left was because of the contract issue. There was also a money component to the contracts, where Chow demanded a certain percentage of the gymnast’s net worth if she began earning money for gymnastics-related endorsements/professional gigs. This was the shadier part…again, it was disguised as something legit, like how my apartment lease says that I’m supposed to inform my rental company if my income increases so they can raise my rent (this was a legit document I had to sign). He did it like, you train here for X amount of dollars a month but if you accept endorsement deals, your training fees are X + n% of your net worth. 



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